For decades, Kling has been one of the market leaders for displays made out of all kinds of materials

A POS display provides an entirely individual stage for unique products. It offers the brand manufacturer a decisive oppotunity to differentiate himself at the Point of Sale. Displays create small, independent worlds of experience in the sense of the corporate culture and support the branding. The display's design and functionality are inseparable. Together with our customers, we develop displays that unmistakeably reflect the character of the brand. Whether the displays are made of acrylic, precious woods or vacuum-shaped plastic. With a high-gloss finish, covered with faux leather or with an integrated photo motif.  

There are hardly any limits to the creative possibilities. Kling creates displays for all kinds of industries and out of all kinds of materials, including mixed materials. The display development and manufacture takes place at the Birkenfeld site – 100% Made in Germany.

Examples for display types - divided into branches:

Examples for displays - divided into materials: