Cases & Trays

Cases made of high-grade leather or robust aluminium and accompanied by matching drawers – just the right thing for the jewellery and watch industry

The great range of individual sample cases and drawer systems for the jewellery, watch, optics, acoustics, technology, cosmetics and liquor industries form the heart of the Kling collection. For decades, Kling GmbH has been developing and producing cases for jewellery, watches and cosmetics as well as presentation cases for many additional industries. The use of different materials in combination with innovative production techniques opens a broad range of possibilities for the individual design of your sample cases. At the same time, this allows you to create the matching environment for the optimal presentation of your products for the customer.


A component of the cases and drawers collection is the Rebra Extralight System. It was developed especially for the safe and comfortable transport of watches, jewellery and writing implements. The patented presentation system weighs up to less than half that of conventional presentation solutions. This relieves your back and can save you expensive excess baggage fees when you are travelling. The Rebra drawers are the perfect complement with the extra-light collection cases made of impact-resistant plastic. From the outside, your collection will look like tourist's luggage – a plus in safety. Our standard cases as well as drawer collections can be found in the Kling Basic Collection catalogue.

Kling Basic Collection - standard tray-series and collection cases:

Individual cases for various branches: